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Thank you for your interest! Our scholarships provide a financial bridge connecting highly qualified students with the assistance they need to train for high-demand positions in healthcare, business, and technology.

All scholarship applicants must register, complete the application process, and meet the eligibility requirements.

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The 501c3, “” is a benevolent organization that was formed to support those seeking career advancement in the nursing profession, as well as those who wish to advance their academic credentials to include an undergraduate or graduate degree in a different discipline or career path.

Eligible applicants can only use scholarship funds to offset the cost of tuition or other related academic expenses specifically for their career training or higher education program.

Qualified distributions are made by directly to the testing, training, or higher education program on behalf of the eligible applicant. This ensures proper use of funds.

In order to qualify for distributions from, an individual must:

  1. Be currently enrolled in an academic program required to enhance the skill level, academic certification or a license upgrade. Documentation is required.
  2. Not be a current recipient of state, federal or corporate financial support available to fund completion of the academic program, whether or not it is used for that purpose.
  3. Be able to demonstrate a financial need exists that if not met would translate to the inability of program completion.
  4. Be willing and able to contribute financially to his/her own financial obligation as it relates to the academic program.
  5. Document that he/she has paid initial fees for the academic program such as enrollment fees, application fees and/or other fees that may be required by various institutions of higher learning in order to qualify for enrolled student status.
  6. Complete an application that provides detailed program costs, amounts currently paid, ongoing financial commitments, the amount requested and what the requested distribution will be used for.
  7. Provide a receipt for fees paid utilizing previous distributions before any subsequent distributions will be considered.

Distributions will be made on a case-by-case basis based on need and funds available. Approval of prior funding, does not guarantee future distributions.