Corporate Partners and Individual Donors Coming Together To Help Others


Payitforwardedu.org seeks support and contributions from businesses and corporate organizations that are interested in partnering with a nonprofit that can help impact their community through education.


Payitforwardedu.org works together with its corporate partners to provide the gift of education to students nationwide.  When your business partners with Payitforwardedu.org, together we create opportunities for others to reach their full potential and impact their communities. 

Partnering With Us Brings Impact.

  • Discover a dynamic partnership that is essential to solving the rising cost of education and the critical shortages in the workforce.

  • We connect our corporate partners and peer-to-peer fundraisers using a multi-fundraising strategy so that together we can award more scholarships.

  • Through dynamic and strategic partnerships, we help others reach their full potential by giving the gift of education and ensuring the proper use of scholarship awards.


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We are so grateful for the privilege and opportunity to work with our Corporate Partners.


A nationwide network of student fundraisers supported by a collection of individual donors.

Many of the gifts made to Payitforwardedu.org come from individual donors that make a donation through our network of peer-to-peer fundraisers.  Every peer-to-peer fundraiser has been qualified for a scholarship award from Payitforwardedu.org and is currently enrolled in an academic program.  All individual donations collected go directly into a nonprofit National Scholarships Fund.  Any funds raised are submitted directly to the testing, training, or higher education program on behalf of the scholarship recipient to ensure proper use of gifts.